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zoom in ... Hug Me Tighter
Format : CD single Tracks : Hug Me Tighter
Release Date : 15 July 1996 Come To My Senses
Country : Australia Firestarter
Label : East West [0630153842] Untitled II

Notes :

Hug Me Tighter produced by Daniel Denholm / engineered by Brent Clark / mixed by Nick Launay at Studios 301, April 1996. Credits : Batterham / Stevens (Black Pig Publishing)
Come To My Senses recorded by Chris Thompson for Triple J, Melbourne - March 1996.
Firestarter recorded by Wayne Connolly at Periscope, Melbourne - June 1995.
Untitled II recorded by The Earthmen on 8 Track 28/12/94 Artwork & Design Rockin' Doodles / Photography Wendy McDougall / Cover Painting Scott Stevens.



Takes a while but soon becomes easy to love; an almost-ballad tender in all the right places still with enough spine to hault any cringe factor. Tribal drums (The Smiths' Queen Is Dead-style), lethal do-do-do harmonies and economical strings seal things beyond doubt: the Earthmen want to be the new Go-Betweens. For this song anyway. B-sides are anything but throwaway, especially Come To My Senses and Firestarter, not a Prodigy cover but a restrained epic set to shake off those Britpop comparisons.
Beat (Melbourne), 17 July 1996. Cameron Adams.
It's pop anthem time for the Earthmen. It seems to take an inordinately long time for this song to get going but once it does, expect lush production and orchestration. The whole track feels like a build up to what will be an awsome climax...and then it just finishes. There's a small glimmer of brilliant potential here that could be the prelude to some future pop rarities. It's very neat.
In Press (Melbourne), 17 July 1996. L.B. Birmingham.
Takes a little time to get started, but then the 'do do-do' chorus vocals, strings and stuff kick in and it's classic guitar pop time again. Probably more from the Dom Mariani template than the abovementioned Tim's take on the form. Shiny. And who do you get to produce and add the correct melodic pop attuitude to things? Wayne Connolly, who knows his ways 'round a toon, is the obvious, and in this place, correct choice. Come To My Senses a bit more reflective (and very Mat, as in Welcome, actually) and soars nearly as high as the featured one. Jolly good little popsters in the nicest possible way.
Drum (Sydney), 16 July 1996.

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