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zoom in ... Coloured In
Format : CD single Tracks : Album version
Release Date : 30 June 1997 Black & White mix
Country : Australia Stop To Blink mix
Label : East West [0630196782] Spectrum Setting Mix

Notes :

Track 1 produced by : Daniel Denholm. engineered by : Brent Clark. recorded & mixed at : studios 301, Sydney. mixed by : Brent Clark, assisted by Trent Williamson & Louis Mitchell. Credits : Batterham / Stevens (Black Pig Publishing)
Track 2 / 3 / 4 remixed, engineered & produced by : Sonic Animation at Silence Is Deafening Studios, Melbourne.
Mastered by : Steve Smart Sleeve Designed by : Peter Barrett & Scott Stevens. Photography by James Pipino.


A very pretty song from The Earthmen. Nearly broke my heart it did ... really. Gorgeous sounding track ... Remixes kick where they should with that unmistakable sonic drum feel. VERY GOOD.
Beat (Melbourne), 2 July 1997. Vince Giarrusso - Underground Lovers (special guest reviewer).
With the killer Single - Hug Me Tighter - completely ignored by the public at large, The Earthmen plunder their excellent major-label debut for another shot at radio. This gentle, Smiths-esque (!) track is delicious enough to convince those who hear it, but isn't quite in-your-face enough to get the punters' attention in the first place. If radio grab it, though, the band may just have a hit on their hands. Three doof-heavy remixes are included, but sadly, no more tracks from the Wayne Connolly produced lost album here.
In Press (Melbourne), 2 July 1997. Anthony Horan.

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