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zoom in ... The Fall And Rise Of My Favourite Sixties Girl
Format : CD ep Tracks : * Figure 8  
Release Date : 12 July 1994 + Brittle  
Country : USA + Fall And Rise Of  My Favourite Sixties Girl
Label : Seed [94171 95888 2] * Things That Worry Grown-ups
Production : The Earthmen ^ Tell The Women We're Going
Recorded By : Nigel Derricks & Nick at Metropolis, home of Superman ^ The Language Of You And Me  
Mastered By : Don Bartley Credits :
* Goldberg / Stevens / Earthmen
+ Goldberg / Batterham / Stevens / Earthmen
^ Batterham / Stevens



Violins in rock, eh? Judging by dEUS and now The Earthmen, they're obviously back in vogue. Well and truly string-driven, this moves from jarring violins to the full-blown string accompaniment of the oddly-titled 'Tell The Women We're Going'. Add to this some serious collision of organs and guitars and you're bordering on something rather special.
*** Select (England), September 1994. EC.


Six songs. Painterly strokes of phased guitars (forward and back), strings and wan vocals create an introspective, resonant lull that permeates both the hardy git rock of Figure 8 and the stillness of The Language of You and Me. That the two songs repectively lead off and close the CD shows a rare and welcome feel for sequencing: start with catchy, go to clever, conclude with beautiful. The Earthmen use organ and rhythm guitar to create energy in the song verses and save the effects pedal for the choruses. The country-esque guitar fade-out on Brittle is pure evanescence. The Earthmen were also on Slumberlands's compilation of Australia's Summershine label, which is well worth the price. This is their second release on Seed (I think), and very much the best.

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