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zoom in ... Cool Chick #59
Format : 7 inch vinyl Tracks : 1. Cool Chick #59
Release Date : May 1993 2. Momentum (Pebble Mix)
Country : USA Credits :
1- Goldberg / Stevens / Batterham / Earthmen 
2 - Goldberg / Stevens / Earthmen
Label : Licensed to Slumberland  [SLR029] Earthmen 1993

Notes :

White vinyl



A taster for their sadly overlooked CD on Seed. Dynamic, overdriven rock in a Catherine Wheel / Dinosaur vein courtesy of Australia's Summershine label.
Fabulous super-charged pop from this Australian band. Licensed from the prolific and estimable Summershine Records. Their debut (mini) album, Teen Sensations was subsequently released in the US on Seed Records.
Slumberland Records.
The Earthmen are from Australia and now have records available on the Seed label. Cool Chick #59 is one of those amazing pop songs that's just about perfect in evey way. This band treads the same ground as Velvet Crush does. They write songs with pop hooks that stick in your head forever, but aren't afraid to show their love for American rock music. I guess this description could apply to a lot of bands, but very few can successfully combine influences like Badfinger and Crazy Horse and sound distinctly fresh and original.
Pop Narcotics Catalogue.

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