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zoom in ... The Fall And Rise Of My Favourite Sixties Girl
Format : CD ep Tracks : * Figure 8  
Release Date : May 1994 + Brittle  
Country : Australia + Fall And Rise Of  My Favourite Sixties Girl
Label : Summershine [shine44cd] * Things That Worry Grown-ups
Production : The Earthmen ^ Tell The Women We're Going
Recorded By : Nigel Derricks & Nick at Metropolis, home of Superman ^ The Language Of You And Me  
Mastered By : Don Bartley Credits :
* Goldberg / Stevens / Earthmen
+ Goldberg / Batterham / Stevens / Earthmen
^ Batterham / Stevens


The Earthmen's new six track EP takes some listening. It's definitely not the instant pop magic 'Teen Sensations' was but in the wash-up Sixties Girl doesn't sit too far behind. The key is they've tried a few different things, like cutting a plainly brilliant pop song such as 'Figure 8' with whining strings you'll take an eternity to appreciate. Your first reaction will be that they've ruined some perfect crackly pop - it'll be some time before the pieces all start fitting together. As for the other guitar tracks, maybe they aren't as good as some of the gems they've churned out in the past but then
again for another band they'd be more than acceptable, it's sort of like the brain of the class only getting a B. 'Tell The Women We're Going' and 'The Language Of You And Me' further take The Earthmen into new territory and accentuate the chances they've taken on this EP. The point being that the easy and predictable way out would have
been to come up with another half a dozen or so noisy pop tunes. These acoustic-led tracks aren't exactly orthodox Earthmen fair, again, it'll take some time before you're thinking majestic instead of muddled. Sixites Girl is another important and equally impressive chapter in The Earthmen's evolution.
InPress (Melbourne) 1994. Damian Slevison.

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