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BMA, July 1997
This is Planet Earthmen,
by Benn Barr
They've made the best Pop album with a capital P all year. They've had so much critical praise they're drowning in it. Their live shows have won over the skeptical with a combination of hooks, swagger and charm. Even Molly Meldrum likes them. Can the Earthmen do no wrong? What is next for these intrepid Australian pop warriors as they battle the forces of rock? "It would be great to be a large successful act in Australia if it could be supportive of our lifestyle" muses Nick Batterham, guitarist and one half of the dynamic Batterham/Stevens songwriting duo. "However we'd really like to get overseas as well. We currently have a few releases dates in Asia - Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia places like that. We've also got some tentative dates for the US and maybe we might tour there in September. If we could get to go overseas and tour a couple of times it would be great. Pretty much our dreams fulfilled. We had so much fun last time (another incarnation of the Earthmen went OS back in 1994) that it would be great to go with this band and this record."

Before they get overseas the Earthmen are finishing up their most extensive national tour yet. Playing with the likes of Rebecca's Empire, Dave Graney and Collective Soul has been worthwhile experience for the young Earthies.

"Its been hard but really good for us to play to larger venues and larger crowds and to play to people who don't really care if we live or die. Because if we can win over someone who doesn't care if we live or die then as a live band we are really getting somewhere." explains Batterham

While the tour has been a major success one causality of it has been the crowd fave cover version of Glen Campbell's 'Rhinestone Cowboy'. Batterham explains its ditching. "It was the first single Scott (Stevens - vocalist and other main songwriter) ever owned. So it was a sentimental fave. And I'm a bit of a closet Glen fan but playing someone else's song for 2 years is enough to drive you loopy. I couldn't ever imagine being in a cover band".

The Earthies also appear to be wining influence in high places with Democrat Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja spotted at their last Canberra gig. "I'm not sure if she is an Earthies fan but I'm sure Scott would like to meet her and have a chat" laughs Nick.

Check out the Earthies and their political heavyweight friends when they play the Gypsy Bar on 24 July.

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