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The Buzz, February 1997

The Earthmen Dig It, by Adam Lacey

Matt Sigley interviewed by Adam Lacey.

Perhaps best know for touring with Alanis Morissette, The Earthmen are ready to fully expose themselves to Australia. That is in promoting their music, of course. With a music style often described as "classic Britpop", The Earthmen. (.... -this ain't my typo!) He is thrilled with the recent popularity of the band; the group has been signed up by Warner Music, toured extensively and have released a few successful singles and an album. However, it was only after learning that The Buzz Magazine wanted to interview them, that The Earthmen realised they had reached the hallmark of fame and glory. We chatted and I received a couple of their new singles - the headsets were on, coffe was hot, notepad and pen were ready.

On first impression, I didn't know whether The Earthmen appealed to my particular taste in music. I listened again, and again... and viola, the soft and melodic sounds became pleasant to the ear. Matt tells me the two bands that have most influenced their style of music are The Beatles and The Byrds, so if you can imagine a band crossed between them with a hint of Soft Cell, you have The Earthmen.

"Our sound is pretty universal, to label it Brit Pop doesn't credit our unique Australian sound. Our music is influenced by pop with strong leanings to the ''60s, but the Australian element is there which gives us broader appeal," said Matt. "We generally concentrate on melody over rhythm, and all have a bit of input to produce something that comes from us all."

Nick Batterham (lead guitar) and Scott Stevens (vocals) are the founding members of the band, the other Earthmen include Nick Murray (rhythm guitar) and Craig Mitchell is on drums. According to Matt, all the guys get along like brothers, and apparently touring with Alanis Morrisette was an electrifying experience.

"Getting on stage with thousands of people listening to your music live is a wild experinence. The people would lift the whole band and we were coming out with some great stuff", Matt noted during the interview.

The Earthmen spend most weekends travelling to Sydney for regular gigs at The Annandale Hotel. They hire a Budget rent-a-bus and drive a gruelling journey to Sydney, they play Friday and Saturday nights and then come back to Melbourne - all in the name of exposure and love for playing in front of an audience.

With gigs at venues like The Esplanade and radio support for their new single, you are bound to hear more about The Earthmen before the year is out. You may even get the opportunity to sample some of Scott Stevens' unique dance style if you see The Earthmen live.

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