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Herald Sun, 17 March 1996

Earthmen's Star Rising

Melbourne act The Earthmen has emerged from a quiet spell to launch a new single, Scene Stealer, on East West records.

The band had big years in 1993 and 1994, releasing several acclaimed recordings such as Teen Sensations and Fall And Rise Of My Favorite Sixties Girl, which gave it a strong following.

The band also toured overseas. During a three-week stay in the US in 1994, the Earthmen performed in California and at the New Music Seminar in New York before crossing the Atlantic to mount the London stage.

After such heady adventures, the Earthmen returned to Australian normality with a thud.

Last year, several original members called it a day. This left songwriters Scott Stevens and Nick Batterham, who decided to concentrate on new material.

"Our outlook changed after touring overseas", Batterham said. "None of us had been away before and it certainly opened us up for a lot of new ideas.

We still have not settled on a new line-up, but we should be doing so any day now. Our main priority is to finish our new album for East West and so everything is really playing second fiddle to that.

Scott and I have realised what we want from this record and hopefully it will be finished in the not-too-distant future so we can get it released this year," Batterham said.

Scene Stealer, a rollicking affair awash with guitar licks and attitude, was picked up by Triple J and added to the playlist before it was officially released - always a good sign.

The Earthmen, formed in 1991, seem set for a big year and a return to the limelight.

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