Australian Women's Weekly, August 1999, p14

Sex, obsession and jealousy

Nicole Kidman



Are you still a practicing Scientologist?

"I really don't discuss religion or my beliefs. But when Stanley died, I had an extraordinary night. I went out alone to St Patrick's Cathedral in London and spent an hour-and-a-half in the church. It was candlelit, the wind was whipping around that night, and I left at nine, when they close the doors. I thought when I came out: well, I suppose once a Catholic, always a Catholic. It was very humbling. I received such solace."


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She also said something in that interview that was not included in the story.

When Nicole was asked what her greatest accomplishment of the previous year was, she said either "getting out of Scientology" or "staying out of Scientology." Something like that.

Paulette Cooper

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