Sun-Herald (Sydney), Sun 14 Mar 1999

Soul Sisters

Scientologist Kate Ceberano is rumoured to be appearing in the Channel 7 comedy 'Dharma And Greg.' It seems that while travelling in the US recently Ceberano met soulmate and star of the show Jenna Elfman and the pair hit it off.

[Also about half a page on Tom & Nicole (ex-Scientologists in my book.) Eric Ford, 27 is looking at fines and a jail term for phone-tapping. The article also talks about how the couple feel stalked by the press, and how they are adamant that their children be protected ... e.g. "On Monday, two photographers who Cruise and staff said had been loitering around the property, looking over fences and going through letterboxes were told to move on ..." Best wishes Tom & Nicole! Welcome back to Australia! - HappyXenu]

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