Revolver (Sydney) #28, 18-24 May 1998 - letter, p5

Revolver is a weekly free music and entertainment magazine - what is referred to in Australia as 'street press'.

Dear Revolver,

I have known about the McSpotlight site ( - good on ya for mentioning it!!!!) for some time, and must admit that I was a little pissed off when I read a piece on a certain hamburger restaurant in an earlier issue of Revolver. However, maybe you can alert your readership about another group accused of exploiting people (especially the young, the curious, reforming druggies etc) - Scientology. This group was founded by an ex Science Fiction writer (L Ron Hubbard) who once said that the best way to make money was to start a religion. Scientologists believe that a galactic ruler called Xenu blew up billions of aliens at the bases of Earth's volcanoes some time ago. The souls of these aliens (called Thetans) are infecting us humans causing all our problems. Scientology offers to rid us of our Thetans - if we pay them several thousand dollars ... You keen? I'm not! Your readership can read all about it at:

Thanks again for the great street mag!!!!!


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