The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), Mon 14 Oct 1996 - letter, p10

Persecuted in France

I refer to the article "Ex-Scientologists testify to suffering" (C-M, Oct 4).

Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike have come out in defence of the religious persecution in France.

First, the French Government blows up the Rainbow Warrior, then despite world condemnation, they expose the Pacific to atomic fallout. Now we have them deciding that a new religion has become too popular and a threat to their hypocrisy.

Scientology may be new and controversial but no one can deny it is the fastest-growing new religion in the world.

The "suicide" mentioned in the article, which is supposedly the basis of this case against Scientologists in France, was dismissed for lack of substance in 1988 in the same courts.

Lyn Smith
Director of Special Affairs
Church of Scientology Brisbane
October 4

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