Herald-Sun, Mon 07 Oct 1996 - letter, p20

Charges against Church trumped up

I ASK what is the problem with France? First, they blow up the Rainbow Warrior, then despite world condemnation, they expose the Pacific to atomic fallout.

Now, because some French decide that a new religion has become too popular and a threat to their hypocrisy, they trump up charges including the crime of practicing one's religion (Herald Sun, September 30).

The religion in this case, Scientology, may be controversial and relatively new, but no one can deny that it is one of the fastest growing new religions in the world.

Forget the "suicide" that is supposedly the basis of this case against Scientologists in France. Courts dismissed this matter for lack of substance back in 1988.

This is an attempt to destroy a perceived threat through trumped up charges.

(Rev.) Mary Anderson, director of public affairs, Church of Scientology of Melbourne Foundation

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