The Sun-Herald (Sydney), Sun 30 Jun 1996 - Letters, p42

Scientology founder bypassed science

As the mother of an ex-Scientologist, I believe if Henry Bartnik (S-H 19/5) researched official records he would find the autobiographical accounts of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard to be grossly inaccurate.

The problem with Hubbard's achievements in education and science is his lack of scientific process.

His work is not subject to ongoing public discourse, criticism and reproduction with controlled studies.

His most damning legacy is a policy which effectively suppresses critical analyses internally, and attacks external critics with vengeance.

Hubbard, author of Dianetics The Modern Science Of Mental Health vigorously denounced registered mental health professionals.

Why? His paranoia of medical and other establishments is unloaded onto recruits today.

I believe science is a misnomer when referring to Hubbard's legacy, because he has bypassed accepted scientific processes through which scientists are accountable.

JOAN McCLELLAND, RN, B Soc Sc, Wahroonga

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