The Canberra Times, Wed 02 Dec 1981, p3

Church seeks to register

The Church of Scientology would apply for official registration in the ACT, a spokesman for the church, Mr Andy Youngman, said yesterday.

A major restriction to registration was removed this week after more than a year's negotiation between church officials and government departments.

In a special Gazette published this week, the names "Scientology" and "Dianetics" were officially removed from a prohibited-names list. Names on this list may not be used without permission from the Attorney-General.

In the ACT the name "Scientology" had been on the prohibited-names list since 1978 and an application by the church to register in the ACT had not been approved by the Commonwealth Attorney-General.

During the past year, officials of the church have been in touch with the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, Mr Moore.

Mr Youngman, of Sydney, said Mr Moore had advised that he did not wish the church to be registered in the ACT until an agreement had been reached with appropriate ministers in other States to ensure that there was uniform registration in all States and Territories. The church is still officially outlawed in Victoria.

Mr Youngman said recently that the church had 300 to 400 members in Canberra.

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