Daily News (Perth), 24 November 1972

Scientologists not discouraged

A decision not to proceed with legislation to repeal the ban on scientology during the current session of Parliament has not discouraged the Australian president of the movement.

The Rev. Michael Graham said today that it would only be a matter of time before the ban was repealed.

"I think our chances at the next session will be a lot better than at this session." he said.

He based this on a belief that Labor would win the next election.

"Senator Murphy, who will become the Attorney-General if Labor wins, has stated he will recognise us," Mr. Graham said.

He said he had instructed lawyers of the Church of New Faith to withdraw a writ before the W.A. Supreme Court.

The writ was taken out against the Director of Mental Health Services Dr. A. S. Ellis.

The State Government said it would not bring the legislation forward for further debate in the Legislative Assembly until the writ was dealt with.

Mr. Graham said he was very pleased with the way things had progressed.

He felt that former Health Minister, Mr. Ross Hutchinson had mellowed in his attitudes to scientology.

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