The West Australian, Sat 11 Nov 1972, p5

Minister warns on cult inquiry

The Minister for Health, Mr Davies, yesterday issued a warning about an inquiry to be conducted by scientologists.

He said that people should be aware that the commission was not organised by the Government.

The Church of the New Faith (Scientology) has called for submissions to a citizens' commission on human rights, under several headings relating to "psychiatric violations."

The headings include instances of psychiatric commitment and treatment and their violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Other headings are mental health laws and their violation of the declaration and individual cases of psychiatric abuse.

Not necessary

Mr Davies said he did not consider that the commission was necessary.

Any complaints of this nature could be made direct to him. The fact that scientologists were sponsoring the commission did not alter his attitude towards repeal of the legislation banning scientology in W.A.

The Australian president of the church, the Rev. Michael Graham, said yesterday that it had invited members of civil rights groups to be on the commission.

The commission would not be made up solely of scientologists.