The West Australian, Sat 04 Nov 1972

'New Faith' bid to see Ellis fails

A group of scientologists demonstrated outside the offices of the Mental Health Services in Perth yesterday afternoon.

The stood outside the building in Havelock Street, West Perth, holding placards saying "Ellis must go."

The Australian president of the Church of the New Faith (Scientology), the Rev. Michael Graham, and the world director of social reform for the Church of Scientology, Mr Alan Graham, attempted to see Dr Ellis, the director of Mental Health Services in W.A.

They were told that he was out.


A press release from the church yesterday said that it would make formal submissions to the ombudsman and the Public Service on charities and insist on Dr Ellis being told to resign.

It said that Dr Ellis had quoted the State Health Council to his Minister and to Parliament, but had neglected to mention the date of their recommendations - October, 1965.

He had neglected to tell them that the council's findings were based solely on the Anderson report, which the church claimed had been discredited.

[In a memorandum tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday, Dr Ellis said that the action of the previous Minister for Health, Mr MacKinnon, in banning scientology had been based on recommendations from the State Health Council. The council consisted of 16 leaders of the medical profession in W.A.

The recommendation had been unanimous and had been taken after consideration of a report from the Mental Health Committee.]