The Auditor (Australia) no. 35, 1968

Mission Perth

Commander Jill van Staden and Lieutenant Wally Burgess of the Sea Organization arrived in Perth, Western Australia, on Saturday, 24th February, on a special mission for L. Ron Hubbard. Their purpose was to ensure that Scientology Ethics is used correctly in Perth.

They arrived on a Saturday afternoon and found the organization closed. Within an hour, all staff were present. Commander van Staden declared the organization in a condition of Non-Existence. The organization did not exist for the residents of Perth.

Suppressive persons working in the organization and in the area were located, and immediately correctly labelled.

Special handout leaflets were prepared and over 3,000 were distributed in Perth.

The Test Centre was put in again and a large red and white sign announcing this new service was put up outside the front door.

The film "An Introduction to Scientology" featuring L. Ron Hubbard is now being screened each Monday to Friday night. A daily free lunch-hour lecture was started.

L. Ron Hubbard personally advised Perth organization to apply standard ethics, keep technology high and get all the people of Perth to attend the free Personal Efficiency lecture and make Perth the first all-Scientology city in the world.

These actions immediately resulted in large numbers of new people coming into the organization. Old-time Scientologists were called in and had their ARC Breaks or upsets handled. Formerly unmoving cases have been cracked using new Search and Discovery technology.

Action level soared to a new high under the direction of the new Organization Secretary Michael Graham and HCO Secretary Cheryl Chopping. Good Scientologists appeared and requested to join staff. It was now a privilege to work on such a staff.

The staff in Perth, in two or three days, blossomed from a number of individuals into a powerful team working together to make Ron's postulates stick, using ethics correctly to get and keep technology in.

One staff member remarked: "This organization has changed from a social club into a live industry."

A journalist on the local University paper arrived on the doorstep wanting to know "What's going on here?"

Jill and Wally left Perth on Sunday, 3rd March, very happy with their mission to Perth.

Perth organization is now expanding at a vast rate, determined to make Perth the first all-Scientology city in the world.

[photo] Commander Jill van Staden admires the rising statistics of the Perth Organization, as shown by HCO Secretary, Cheryl Chopping and Organization Secretary, Michael Graham.

[photo with nine people, though only seven are named] The Sea Org Mission and senior executives of Perth Organization. Top left, Lieutenant Wally Burgess, Ivan Johnson, Bernie Pesco, Cheryl Chopping, Marion Whiteside, Betty Ingram and Michael Graham.

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