The Advertiser (Adelaide), undated clipping - I would estimate it as dating from December 1968. I would greatly welcome a more accurate date for it.

Scientology Report

The Select Committee appointed by the Legislative Council to enquire into the Scientology (Prohibition) Bill has found that scientology is being practised in SA with some very undesirable results.

It has been convinced that people should not be denied the right to read general literature concerning scientology.

They should be allowed to own and hold such literature without the fear that it might be confiscated by the State.

Apart from this concession, the Bill as it stands would ban the practice and teaching of scientology.

The committee has not recommended changes to clauses which prohibit the teaching and practice of scientology for fee or reward and which prohibit a person advertising or holding himself out as being a teacher of scientology.

The effect of the recommendations is that while scientology may not be taught or practised in SA, there is nothing to prevent a person studying the literature at home.

"E Meter"

The committee believes that the use of the "E meter" or similar instruments by scientologists for the processes of auditing or other confessional practices should not be tolerated.

It says the use of such instruments should be limited to legally qualified medical practitioners and other approved people.

These would include students and people or classes of people who might be declared by proclamation.

The Select Committee comprises the Minister of Local Government (Mr. Hill) as chairman, Dr. Springett and Messrs. Geddes, Hart and Rowe, all LCP members of the Legislative Council.

'Serious Threat"

In finding that scientology is being practised in SA with some very undesirable results, the committee says: "These include that scientology has been, and could continue to be, a serious threat to mental health.

"Scientology has been harmful to family life in this State, and has caused financial hardship to some citizens.

"People who have severed their connection with scientology have been subjected to unjust and unreasonable pressures by scientologists."

The committee recommends limiting regulation-making powers to what is needed to implement the Bill as amended.


It says the Government should consider registering trained professional psychologists in SA.

Opposition to the Bill was expressed by the representative of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International and the Church of Scientology of California in Australia (later described as The Scientologists' Church of California in Australia) and other witnesses, including one reporesenting the SA Council of Civil Liberties.

Other witnesses strongly favored the prohibition of the practice of scientology.

The committee recommends amending the Bill to tighten the definition of an "E meter." The term "galvanometer" will, if the amendment is accepted, include a device known as an electrometer, a device known as an "E Meter" and any other instrument capable of detecting or measuring or is represented as being capable of detecting or measuring any emotional reaction of a person.

Several prospective witnesses contacted the secretary of the committee, but as no complete assurance could be given that their identity could be kept from the committee records, they declined the invitation to appear because they feared repercussions from scientologists and others including members of their families.

The Bill will be considered by the Legislative Council today.


The public relations officer for the Church of Scientology (Mr. T. B. Minchin) last night said a mere handful of minor complaints that could be made about any group was the basis of the committee's findings.

They amounted to the worst injustice the State had seen.

"Had we not withdrawn from the enquiry, we could have produced 500 testimonies from people who are completely satisfied with scientology," he said.

"Although the Bill will not be enforceable, it amounts to a rape of civil liberties."

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