The Australian, 30 Nov 1968, p3


Scientologists yesterday withdrew their representative from the South Australian select committee inquiring into their sect.

They object to the committee's chairman, Mr Hill, the Minister for Transport, who they say is biased against them.

A spokesman said: "Mr Hill has stated recently, as reported in Hansard, that he is unrepentant in his bias against scientology so there is little point in the church being represented before the committee."

He added that trustees of the scientology board had instructed Mr Mark Harrison, their counsel, to withdraw from the select committee which is examining the scientology prohibition bill.


The scientologists' public relations officer, Mr T. Minchin, said the select committee had been notified of the withdrawal.

"So far the only evidence we have given has been in the form of submissions by Mr Harrison," he said.

The withdrawal follows recent announcements by two groups of people that they would not give evidence while Mr Hill remained chairman.

An allegation made against Mr Hill in a letter resulted in the author being called to the bar of the legislative Council.

Mr Hill later denied in Parliament that he was biased and said he would perform the duties expected of him as chairman of the select committee.

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