The Canberra Times, 08 Oct 1968, p8

Check on cult meeting

MELBOURNE, Monday. - The Crown Law Department is examining the legal implications of a reported open meeting of the banned cult of scientology.

The Minister for Health, Mr Dickie, said today the Government would make certain that scientology did not reappear in Victoria.

He said that scientologists were becoming vocal again under the veil of religion.

An open meeting of scientology is understood to have been held in a house at Noble Park last night.

A Mr Harry Baess, who claimed to be a minister of the Church of Scientology, had vowed to re-establish scientology in Victoria and challenged the police and Government to stop him.

"We will amend the legislation if necessary to make sure scientology can't reappear in Victoria and bring distress and unhappiness to people," Mr Dickie said.

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