The Advertiser (Adelaide), 18 Sep 1968, p10

50 Books Of Cult Seized

Fifty copies of the Church of Scientology publication "Kangaroo Court" had been sent to the Commonwealth Censorship Board in Canberra by the Adelaide branch of the Customs and Excise Department, the Collector of Customs in SA (Mr. G. A. Venning) said yesterday.

"Kangaroo Court" is a publication put out by the Church of Scientology of California, the cult's chief headquarters.

It contains the scientologists' answer to the report of Mr. K. Anderson, QC, of the findings of a board of enquiry into Scientology in Melbourne.

Mr. Venning said the copies had been seized by Mr. L. Thompson, deputy customs officer in Adelaide.

He had prevented their collection by Mrs. D. Crundall, assistant guardian and chief spokesman for the cult in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr. Venning added: "We don't have the power of censorship ourselves so we sent them to Canberra for examination."

Damages Claim

PERTH, Sept. 17 - The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International is claiming damages from the WA Minister of Health (Mr MacKinnon) for alleged defamation.

A writ was issued from the Perth Supreme Court today on behalf of the association.

The association complained of words alleged to have been spoken by Mr. MacKinnon, on April 1, 1967, to a representative of the "Sunday Times," Perth, and published in the issue of that newspaper for April 2, 1967.

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