The Advertiser (Adelaide), 04 Sep 1968, p1?

Scientology Curb Planned In S.A.

The SA Government is to introduce legislation to curb the cult of scientology. At present scientology is banned in only one Australian State - Victoria.

The Chief Secretary (Mr. DeGaris) announced in the Legislative Council yesterday that a Bill, similar to that in Victoria, would be introduced "in the near future."

Mr. DeGaris, replying to Mr. Dawkins (LCP), said scientology had been discussed at the recent conference of Ministers of Health in Darwin and concern had been expressed at the cult's movement to other States after Victoria had taken action in 1965.

"Cabinet has been investigating this matter very thoroughly and this morning decided to bring in the legislation," he said.


In the Assembly, the Premier (Mr. Hall) referred to the "pernicious theories and illusory goals" of scientology.

Replying to Mr. Evans (LCP), he said:

"From the evidence available from many sources, the Government is of the opinion that scientology is not based on any acceptable psychological theory.

"It is an extraordinary mixture of mythology and paranoid fantasy.

"From the evidence, it is a form of brainwashing, the object of which is to inculcate automatic obedience in an individual to the organisation.

"Individuals undertaking the courses provided are made emotionally dependent and are trapped into committing themselves to the expenditure of large sums of money.

"In the end they become completely dominated by the cult.

"There is convincing evidence of the destructive nature of scientology. Disruption of the home and the reduction of moral values are examples of its destructiveness.

"All the evidence available is that the organisation is dangerous to mental health and nothing can be said in favor of it.

"It is my opinion that the possible indoctrination of children with its pernicious theories and illusory goals is a definite threat to the future mental health and emotional stability of these young people."


Mr. R. A. Broadbent, a spokesman for the Church of Scientology in SA, said last night that should Mr. Hall repeat some of his statements outside the privilege of Parliament, the church would be forced to protest its reputation by taking action against him for defamation.

"We only ask that we be given an opportunity to put a case for existence before a Select Committee of Parliament before the introduction of any legislation which might seek to impose burdens on the practice of minority religious groups," Mr. Broadbent said.


PERTH, September 3 - The Health Minister (Mr. Mackinnon) is believed to have prepared a case for Parliament to ban scientology in W.A. He said today he had certain submissions to put to the state cabinet, but wouldn't disclose them.

He was pleased by the SA move.

"I had no indication that SA proposed to take this step," he said. "but from information I have, it appears that SA has become the Australian headquarters for the scientology organisation."

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