The Advertiser (Adelaide), 03 Sep 1968, p11

Scientology discussed

The State Cabinet late yesterday began discussing the need for legislation to curb undersirable practices claimed to be taking place under the name of scientology.

The Chief Secretary (Mr. DeGaris) said later that the matter would be further considered.

Mr. DeGaris reported to the Cabinet on his own examination of material in scientology and on discussions he had had with officers of the State Department of Health.

"I personally favor legislation along the lines of that in Victoria, which provides for the registration of psychologists," he said.

Mr. DeGaris said he was not in a position to say whether legislation would be introduced to control the practice of scientology in this State.

Our Political Reporter says the Government is concerned about a proposal to introduce scientology classes for schoolchildren, planned to begin this week in Adelaide.

Mr. Evans, MP, who asked a question in the Assembly which brought about the present investigation, said yesterday he believed that scientology was dangerous to mental health and that it could interfere with family life to the extent of breaking it up.

He hoped the efforts of Mr. Andrew Jones, MHR, to have it banned throughout the Commonwealth were successful.

The Church of Scientology has sent a letter to Members of Parliament which reads:-

"Mr. Andrew Jones is most ill-advised to make uninformed and ignorant statements to the Australian people about a religion which is today spread across the world.

"In England recently, a Royal Commission doubted the validity of a one-man tribunal to make an enquiry.

"A good question is: 'Would you yourself like to be set up to enquire into another's religion?'"

The letter was signed by Jean V. Kirk, L. Ron Hubbard, Communicator for the Church of Scientology.

Mr. Jones said yesterday that about 50 people had complained to him about the activities of scientology in SA and some were prepared to testify in court against the organisation.

He said the people had been intimidated by scientologists and some had been "pressured" into taking courses with the organisation.

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