[Note: the same article was printed twice: on Saturday with the headline below, then on Monday with the headline 'GOVT. CHECKS SCIENTOLOGY'.]

The West Australian, Sat 29 Jun 1968, p9; Mon 01 Jul 1968, p14


Health Minister MacKinnon said yesterday that talks at the conference of Federal and State health ministers in Darwin had confirmed his belief that W.A. was becoming the stronghold for the scientology cult in Australia.

He would discuss the problem with Police Minister Craig and Justice Minister Griffith because legal aspects did not come under his portfolio. He was concerned only with the mental health aspect of the cult.

Mr MacKinnon, who had arrived from Darwin said scientology had been discussed at the conference. The other States had not seemed very interested because there was little cult activity in their States.

Because there was little activity in other States, he was convinced that the cult was concentrating on establishing itself in W.A.

A statement issued after the conference said that the ministers had deplored the continued activities of the scientology cult in some States.

They had described the activity of the cult as insidious and said it was a matter of concern that its teachings cut across accepted mental health treatment methods.

The ministers reaffirmed the view of the Victorian board of inquiry report in 1965 which described the cult as "perverted, debased and harmful."

A close watch would be kept on the cult to prevent its spread. If it showed signs of developing further, they would recommend that their States act individually to legislate against it.

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