Sunday Mirror (Sydney), Sun 18 Feb 1968, p34


Push for recruits

L. Ron Hubbard, chief of the discredited Scientology cult, is pushing as hard as ever for recruits in Sydney.

So far, no action has been taken to suppress the cult's activities in New South Wales.

Scientology was banned in Victoria in 1965 after a royal commissioner reported that its practice was a medical, moral and social threat to the community.

The inquiry, which lasted 17 months, found the techniques and principles of Scientology "perverted, debased and harmful."

It said the cult was a grave threat to family life, causing not only financial hardship but also "dissension and suspicion among members of the family."


For years Scientology has recruited people from all walks of life with promises of "finding truth" and "total freedom."

The organisation has at least one and possibly two pseudo employment agencies in Sydney which are only fronts for recruiting centres.

Last year the Medical Journal of Australia warned that the banning of the cult in Victoria might lead to its strengthening in other States.

It now seems the cult has intensified its efforts to achieve just that.

Last weekend the Hubbard Scientology Organisation held a meeting in the ballroom of Menzies Hotel. Some 350 "guests" were invited.


Among them was a Petersham man who dissociated himself from the cult after a few brief meetings 10 years ago.

The man, who asked the Sunday Mirror not to use his name, said: "I've telephoned them and written letters telling them I want nothing to do with them.

"But they continually send me letters and circulars and ask me to come back."

Two weeks ago the man received a copy of a letter from a top scientologist, John McMaster, who was coming to Sydney to lecture at Menzies. With it was an invitation to the lecture.


Mr McMaster's letter, apparently sent to all Sydney scientologists, said in part:

"Ron has confronted and come through 'the wall of fire' and to do this surveyed, engineered and built the bridge that spans the chasm from chaos and a non-survival ethic to order and a pro-survival ethic. He has done this for man ..."

Mr McMaster finishes his letter with a P.S.: "At the Time of going to print it is a Mediterranean Night with the last flush of Twilight Cloud Flamingo feathers in the sky and huge gleaming stars suspended in an Indigo-Black, and the news of the first 6 O.T. III graduates rings out permeating the entire physical universe. John."

The accompanying invitation bears the note: "Nursery Facilities will be available for children."

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