Sunday Mirror (Sydney), Sun 11 Sep 1966, p26

Cult tells members to mutiny

MELBOURNE, Saturday. - The scientology cult has ordered its members in Victoria to mutiny against the State.

A directive mailed from scientology headquarters in Adelaide instructs Victorians to disobey the law, refuse to pay taxes, refuse to vote and get out of the State.

Another directive calls on members to form a new government.

Followers of the cult have written to government leaders threatening to carry out the orders.

Last year Victoria passed a law banning scientology but 10,000 members are believed to be still practising the cult.


The order declares the Victorian Government a suppressive group and all Victorians potential trouble sources.

The Victorian Health Minister, Mr. Pat Dickie, said his department was hamstrung in its investigations by the Australian Government's control over communications.

"The only way to get complete control of scientology is for all States to unite in legislation," he said.

"While the Commonwealth controls communications and other States do not have legal machinery to deal with scientology, it is impossible to prevent those still susceptible to the cult from harassment by mail.


"West Australia appears to be looking at the possibility of legislation like ours at the moment.

"All States are vitally interested, as indicated by their request for me to report at the recent health ministers' conference, on the effect of our legislation.

"The mutiny order is consistent with their threat to sue the State for millions of dollars.

"We are continuously investigating every matter brought to our notice."

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