[Note: This is some of the worst journalism I've ever seen.]

Sunday Mirror (Sydney), Sun 04 Sep 1966, p4

Cult ban puts Bolte on death list

Twelve rag dolls found buried under a Melbourne house are thought to symbolise the death sentence against 12 people who helped outlaw the cult of scientology in Victoria.

High on the list of the 12 is the Premier of Victoria, Sir Henry Bolte.

The dolls were discovered in a box hidden under floorboards which had been ripped up and then nailed down again to make a tomb.

They were unearthed by workmen renovating the building, formerly the headquarters of scientology in Victoria.


A former scientologist, Mr. Phillip Wearne, says the significance of the "burial" was that 12 prominent Victorians (among them Sir Henry Bolte) had been sentenced to death.

Mr. Wearne, who became one of the leaders of the campaign to ban the cult, thinks he is on the death list.

He said this week a black magic rite or a parody of the Christian burial service probably preceded the burial.

The dolls are of the sort which can be bought for a dollar in any chain store.

They had not been mutilated or changed in any way, but Mr. Wearne is convinced they were the subject of voodoo rites which disciples of the cult often held in the building.

Throughout the inquiry which brought the banning of the cult, the team of investigators found several hints of a link with satanology.

The discovery of the dolls is the first real evidence to support the theory.


Mr. Wearne said parodies of religious services held in the building - now occupied by a naval outfitter - closely paralleled black magic rituals.

"So-called weddings between male and female scientologists were imitations of the Christian wedding ceremony," he said.

After Sir Henry Bolte on the death list were the editor of Melbourne Truth newspaper which campaigned against the cult, Mr. John Galbally, leader of the Opposition in the Upper House, Mr. J. Walton, MLA, Mr. Dickie, Minister of Health, and Judge Just, who acted as counsel assisting the board of inquiry.

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