Canberra Times, Wed 29 Jun 1966, p27

Clamp on science movement policed

MELBOURNE, Tuesday. - The Victorian Psychological Council of eight members, to register all people entitled to practise psychology in Victoria, was set up today.

The council will police legislation banning scientology in Victoria.

Members of the council, appointed by the State Executive Council today, are: Dr Alexander John Maum Sinclair, past president of the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association; Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, chairman of the Mental Health Authority; Dr James Valentine Ashburner, nominated by the Victorian branch of the Australian Psychological Society; Professor Ross Henry Day, Professor of Psychology at Monash University; Mr George Herbert O'Dell Crowther, a Melbourne solicitor appointed by the Minister of Health; Professor Sydney Stephen Dunn, Professor of Education at Monash University; Mr John Alexander Hall, in charge of the Psychological and Guidance Branch of the Education department, and Mr John Devon Mills, industrial psychologist with Imperial Chemical Industries.

Appointment of the council was provided for under legislation passed by Parliament last year, following a report by Mr Kevin Anderson, QC, into scientology.

The Minister of Health, Mr Dickie, said today that the registration system would probably operate from the beginning of next year.

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