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The Age (Melbourne), Wed 29 Jun 1966, p3

Eight will control psychology in Vic.

A TOORAK lawyer - Mr. G. H. Crowther - has been chosen as head of the body which will in future control psychology practice in Victoria.

Mr. Crowther was named yesterday as chairman of the eight-member Victorian Psychological Council, whose appointments were approved by the State Executive Council.

The appointments were made under the Psychological Practices Act, passed last December, which banned Scientology in Victoria and provided for the control of commercial psychology.

The newly formed council will be responsible for registering and controlling psychologists and will recommend on exemptions from the provision of the act.

The members

The other members are:-

Dr. J. V. Ashburner, nominated by the Victorian branch of the Australasian Psychologists' Society.

Professor R. H. Day,, Monash University Professor of Psychology.

Dr. E. C. Dax, chairman of the Menal Hygiene Authority.

Professor S. S. Dunn, Monash University Professor of Education.

Mr. J. A. Hall, officer in charge of the Education department's psychology and guidance branch.

Mr. J. D. Mills, industrial psychologist at ICI.

Dr. A. J. Sinclair, a former president of the Victorian branch of the AMA.

The appointments, which are effective from next Wednesday, will last for three years.

The Minister for Health, Mr. Dickie, said yesterday, section of the Act prohibiting anyone not registered with the council or exempt from registration from practising psychology would come inteo operation from January 1 next year.

Mr. Dickie said the delay was necessary to allow the new council to carry out the work of processing applications and drawing up a register.

The legislation setting up the council was criticised when it was put before Parliament last year by psychologists who said they should have a majority on the board.

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