The Advertiser (Adelaide), Tue 21 Jun 1966, p3


The controversial cult of scientology, which has been banned in Victoria, will be discussed in ADS7's public affairs programme This Week at 10.5 tonight.

Brian Taylor will interview Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Mainsbridge, of Tusmore, who gave evidence before the Royal Commission into scientology in Victoria.

Mr. Mansbridge is a senior lecturer at the SA Institute of Technology and his wife is a primary school teacher.

At the enquiry the couple gave evidence in support of the cult, but in tonight's programme they will speak against it.

In a forthright and hard-hitting discussion Taylor takes Mr. and Mrs. Mansbridge through all aspects of scientology, including mental health, sex and its effect on marriage.

At he end of the interview, Taylor invites the Adelaide branch of the organisation to appear on the programme next week.

Owing to the widely differing views that exist on scientology, this subject takes up the major part of This Week.

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