The Age (Melbourne), 10 Mar 1966, p3


Banned, but operates

BRISBANE. - Scientology is still operating in Victoria, where it was outlawed last December.

A brisbane woman has received the Scientologist periodical "Communication" through the post - mailed from Melbourne.

It is postmarked "Russell Street."

The Victorian Attorney-General (Mr. Rylah) said earlier this week Scientology literature was being mailed into Victoria from London.

He said the Victorian Government had asked the Postmaster-General to act to stop the practice.

January issue

The copy of "Communication" mailed from Russell Street to the Brisbane woman this week is the January issue and is marked "regisered at the GPO Melbourne for transmission by post as a periodical."

It offers a free six-month membership of the movement and makes the plea, "Get processed in 1966 ... Get released in 1966 ... Get trained in 1966."

The Brisbane woman has been receiving Scientology literature through the mail for six years, although she is not a member of the movement.

She said: "I went to a social once with a friend who was in the movement.

"I had no more contact with it, and now my friend has left it. They bled her.

"I never read the literature. It goes straight into the rubbish can."

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