The Herald (Melbourne), Thu 23 Dec 1965, p5


Files seized from the scientology centre in Melbourne should be burnt, it was urged today.

Professor O. A. Oeser, professor of psychology at Melbourne University, and the Legislative Council Opposition Leader, Mr Galbally, agreed on this.

Files taken from the scientology centre in Spring St. on Tuesday under the new legislation banning scientology in Victoria are being studied by Crown Law and Health Department officials.

The officials will report to the Attorney-General, Mr Rylah.

Prof. Oeser, who was a witness at the inquiry into scientology, said today he hoped investigation of the seized files would be done under proper supervision so that no personal details about innocent people came out. He would prefer to see them burnt.


The Attorney-General's Department must necessarily be trusted to see that nothing personal was revealed to harm innocent people.

Mr Galbally said the Government should immediately put to the torch personal files of scientology victims seized from the scientology centre.

Government prying into the secrets of scientology's unfortunate victims, who included many school children and university undergraduates, could have serious consequences.

It was very disturbing and quite wrong that any Government department should have the power to look at these files.

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