The Australian, 23 Dec 1965, p3

Hunt for hidden scientology files

Police are hunting for scientology files which may have been taken elsewhere following Tuesday's seizure of all the files at Melbourne's Scientology Centre.

More than 400 files taken from the centre will be examined by officials of the Crown Law and Health Departments.

Melbourne Scientology headquarters, a shabby two-storey building opposite Parliament House, seemed deserted yesterday.

Signs advertising free introductory lectures about scientology had been removed, but two large illuminated signs were still standing.

The police swoop at 5 pm on Tuesday was planned secretly. Few people knew of it until the police arrived at the door.

The Victorian Attorney-General, Mr Rylah, said Crown Law and Health Department officials would report to him after the files had been examined.

He will then decide what to do with the files, many of which contain intimate personal secrets revealed by people being processed by scientologists.

One record was considered so obscene that it was not included in the report of Mr K. V. Anderson, QC, to Parliament.

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