[Note: I do not have a copy of page 3 of this edition, continuing the story from page 1.]

The Age (Melbourne), Wed 22 Dec 1965, p1

Thousands of files in Scientology raid

POLICE seized thousands of files from the Melbourne Scientology headquarters late yesterday, only hours after Scientology was outlawed in Victoria.

Two officers of the Attorney-General's department and three policemen arrived at the Spring Street centre [word unclear]e minutes before it was due to close.

At one stage police [word unclear]shed to the rear of the building where papers were being burned in two rubbish bins.

Another detective checked an alley at the side of the building where a file had been passed through a window and placed in a car.

Police searched the building thoroughly and after more than an hour, carried the files away in a 30-cwt. truck.

These moves followed the Executive Council's proclamation of sections of the Psychological Practices Act about mid-afternoon.

This empowered police to seize Scientology files and records on a warrant from the Attorney-General.

At 4.55pm the police party entered the Scientology centre and asked to speak to an official.

One of the officers from the Attorney-General's department spoke to the Victorian Scientology secretary (Mr. E. D. Gogerley) and asked him to hand over the files.

After the building had been searched the officer told newsmen that Mr. Gogerley had shown them material which he considered should be handed over to the Attorney-General.

"He also indicated that for the time being no further operations would be carried on at the centre," the officer said.

"He said he proposed to comply with the sections of the act," he added.

The officers declined to say where the files were being taken, except that they would be in the possession of the Attorney-General in safe custody.

[policeman carrying files, walking out of door] CONSTABLE C. Broderick carries a pile of papers to a waiting police car after the seizure of files at the Scientology Centre in Spring Street, City. Signs naming the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International and the Hubbard Guidence Centre are near the entrance.

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