The Canberra Times, Tue 09 Nov 1965, p11

Scientology to be outlawed in Victoria

MELBOURNE, Monday. - The Victorian State Cabinet approved today a Bill designed to outlaw Scientology in Victoria.

Notice of the Bill will be given in the Legislative Assembly tomorrow and it will be explained fully on Wednesday.

The Chief Secretary, Mr Rylah, said after the Cabinet meeting that the Bill followed generally the recommendations on Scientology by Mr K. Anderson, QC, who was set up as a board of inquiry to investigate Scientology.

The Bill will be passed by Parliament before the end of the current session, but will be unable to come into operation for some months afterwards.

This is because of the time it will take to set up a Psychologists Registration Board, which will register all psychologists.

Scientology will not be registered. Once the board is functioning it will be an offence to practice any form of psychology without being registered.

In his report Mr Anderson described Scientology as "evil".

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