Sunday Times (Perth), Sun 31 Oct 1965, p14


State Government to act soon on scientology

By our Political Writer

The Minister for Health, Mr. MacKinnon, is expected to announce soon what action the State Government will take against scientology.

Mr. MacKinnon said last night he might make a statement in the next week or so.

Public health authorities in WA have almost completed a study of a Victorian report on scientology.

The report was prepared by Mr. K. V. Anderson, QC, and tabled in the Victorian Parliament last month.

Mr. Anderson denounced scientology and said it was evil, depraved and fraudulent.

The Victorian Government is now drafting legislation aimed at banning scientology by establishing a psychologists' registration board.

It will provide stiff penalties for unregistered practitioners.

Authorities studying the report in WA included the Public Health Commissioner, Dr. W. S. Davidson; the Director of Mental Health Services, Dr. A. S. Ellis, and members of the mental health committee of the Health Education Council.

Dr. Davidson returned yesterday from Canberra where health commissioners from several States discussed the registration of psychologists.


The commissioners' decision that registration was desirable and should be uniform throughout Australia could have a strong bearing on the WA Government's policy toward scientology.

The State health commissioners agreed that the Victorian legislation could be used as a basis for legislation in other States.

This decision will be sent as a recommendation to all State health ministers.

Mr. MacKinnon said he expected a report from Dr. Davidson and the other health authorities soon.

He said he had skimmed through the Anderson report but would rather wait until the WA health authorities had reported to him before he expressed an opinion.

"However, the WA Government is concerned at various aspects of scientology," he said.

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