Sunday Times (Perth), Sun 21 May 2000


Battle rages

RE Travolta's Battlefield (May 7) which reports on John Travolta's new film about Scientology.

Now I've heard it all. Subliminal messages in our movie theatres - what next? LSD in the popcorn as part of some pre-conditioning experiment by the Psychlos?

This so-called watchdog, FACTNet, wouldn't be the first small group that has come up with some "controversy" to launch themselves into the spotlight.

The only connection between Battlefield Earth and Scientology is the author, L. Ron Hubbard. Mr Hubbard was a bestselling author from the 1930s onwards, who wrote in many genres to fund his extensive research work into the spiritual nature of man.

Perhaps FACTNet should spend less time "watching others" and try its hand at contributing something valuable to society and leave the real achievers alone.

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