The West Australian, Wed 17 May 2000, p17


I Disagree

DEREK PEDLEY was right to point out that the makers of the SBS program on Scientology last week were not followers of the religion (Today, 9/5), but what was not pointed out was that they did not ask any Scientologist about any of the wild allegations they made against the church and individual Scientologists, nor did they back up any of their allegations with any proof.

This disgusting program aired by SBS (which violated its own charter to be "sensitive and careful in dealing with issues of religion") did not in any way examine the relationship of the church with the law. It has been noted by human rights watchdogs for several years that "an atmosphere of intolerance and bias against minority religions" is being created in France and Germany and this TV program was a product of exactly that.

Was the intention of the program to incite hatred and fear of minority religions, which for many millions of people worldwide represent personal salvation and spiritual freedom, a thing which obviously scares the living daylights out of some?

CARMEN SFERCO, Church of Scientology, Perth.

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