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Your Comments, Part 58

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Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this page. I've left them as is, except for a) removing the names to protect privacy, and b) reformatting them to fit the screen better.

This is a long file...I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line.

My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

[NOTE: Some of these messages contain offensive language]

 Hi everyone, glad you could make it, I got into CramWay about a month ago, and my upline practicaly moved into my house, he wont leave me alone, he keeps trying to get me to buy tapes.  It all sounded good find 6 who get 4 who get 2, and you'll be rolling in the dough...  ahaha..  what  a bunch of crap.  They hooked me up on the tape program (tax deductable) for only 7.99 a tape or something like that. I spent $50.00 last week on tapes alone, cause  that fat toad said they would be good for me.
My first month I signed up for MCI, and went to a couple functions, I got a check for $6.44, good thing those tapes are tax deductable.  What a Freakin JOKE!  $6.44 for a whole month!!!  I couldn't believe it I almost died.  So anyway, I killed the tape program really fast, and took my phone off the hook for about a week...  almost didnt' get away...  and the questions I asked never really got answered until I saw this webpage.  Like why is Walmart, or Kmart cheeper, if AMWAY has so many distributors, and has so much buying power, why can joe blow get the same product for less at a local store?  No shipping charges...  I tried calling my "Direct Distributor" because I thought maybe I could still do this thing, by selling their vacuum cleaners retail... I use to sell for TRISTAR, so why not AMWAY?  It's been about another month now so I'm cashing my kit back in, hopefully I won't have to take the corporation to court.  ahahahah.  If you're in amway, find another dream.  Cause some dreams, turn into nightmares, but no matter what you dream, you eventualy wake up.    Cause unless you have a new tape program you can distribute, your not gonna make it selling the soap.  God Bless.

 Dear Sir,

I am an Amway dist., and I have just started the long process of sorting through all of your information. However, so far I haven't found anything objectional in any of the Amway memos, tape transcriptions, etc. that I have read. They seem to be very anti-climactic. I am not sure what you are all about. I will, however, attempt to describe what I see.

It is obvious to me that you are bitter at the corporation. You have a lot of anger and vile erupting from your site. I hope oner the next few weeks, that I will discover your motivation, and motives. I am quite puzzled at the moment.

I will continue to e-mail you as I progress through your bitterness. So, you will hear from me several times over the next few weeks and months.

Have you ever considered what a disservice to people you are providing from your whinning, negative attacks on something you obviously know nothing about.

I will admit that there have probably been misrepresentations of the sales and marketing plan, but that is logical based on the number of distributors that join the Amway organizations. This is no different than any other company or concept anywhere else. Because there have been "some" misrepresentations, does this mean the whole thing is a scam? I suggest you learn a little more about this business before you become such an "expert" on it.

I have had traditional businesses before Amway and can honestly say, that Amway has much, much, less expenses than those businesses. The idea about getting suckered into the tapes and books is ludicrous on your part. These are business "expenses" that I knew from day one. I was intelligent enough to know that the tapes were there for motivation, as well as, learning techniques. I was also intelligent enough to know that the producers of those tapes were making a profit. So what? Publishers of the books were making money, as well. So is every other product and service that is provided in the world today...that is why they call it "FREE ENTERPRISE". I have never been lied too or deceived about what I was paying for or getting into. I, personally, EXPECT my upline to profit from those tapes and I also expect to be able to profit in the sale of books and tapes when I am at the higher levels of the business, as well...nothing wrong with that.

I find that complainers like yourself, want to believe in "something for nothing" and that when they join Amway they believe that they just sign up and will be rich! Once they get in and realize that they have to "work" they get discouraged and yell "scam". Wake up!

Rather than criticise those positive thinking books so much, perhaps you should try reading them, you may learn something!

Here is an interesting question sent in to Miss Manners column about MLM (from Boston Globe, October 27, 1998):

Dear Miss Manners:

My husband and I are rather outgoing and have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Frequently, someone will notice my husband's "people skills" and success in business sales, and will approach him to meet for lunch. The pretext is always friendship; sometimes the wives befriend me also.

Usually these people are in multilevel marketing and want to recruit my husband for their business. We have grown frustrated with people who put on a show of friendship but have a hidden profit motive. After their offer is turned down, we never hear from them again.

Similarly, I am often invited by close friends to a "party" at which some product will be sold. Since I don't want to hurt their feelings, I do not tell them my opinion of such attempts to convert friends into customers, and I always beg off from the party with some excuse. But I am amazed they would enter into a business where every friend is seen as a potential contact or moneymaker for them. I would like your opinion on these situations.

Gentle Reader:

Miss Manners has been railing on for years about the unpleasantness and anger of disguising commerce as friendship, and the problem only seems to be getting worse.

She doesn't worry only about those who, like you, are annoyed to be trapped by people who fool you into thinking they like you when they only want to extract an extra buck or a business advantage; she worries about them, too. They may feel smug now about using social trappings to soften people up or embarrass them into commercial compliance, but they will be less so when they need friends and are left only with those who are as calculating as they about what's in it for them.

Dear Mr. Swartz, Read story about the unfortunate couple who got in Amway and spent 5 month and lost all their money and was only able to spnsor one distributor. Sounds pretty pathetic to me. I find it hard to believe that after 5 months of actual work these people could only sponsor one distributor. A blind dog with a note in his mouth could do this well. As to retail customers the Amway literature clearly points out that they need to do retail sales. And as to spending all their money and went broke doesn't sound like these folks were too sharp to begin with and could easily be blaming money woes on Amway that they would have had anyway. It's amazing when the fact is that majority all new business ventures fail in the first 5 years how you have chosen Amway as your target. Apparently a venture must have a 100% success rate for you to be satisfied. A couple like this most likely would have failed in most any venture and probably ended up worse off financially than they were after Amway their experience. Ziig Ziglar described people with your philosophy as the type that would "ask for a bacteria count on the milk of human kindness."

HELLO,AS AN AMWAY DISTRIBUTOR WITH LESS THAn two years in.i must congratulate you on your close-mindedness.the buisness tools are fantastic.if anyone is concerned about being brainwashed,they only need to ewatch yv,or listen to the radio for five minutes.i have not made any real money in this buisness yet.but i have become very wealthy due to the friendships,that my wife and i have developed.i have been accused of being in a cult because of my religous belief,and it was not by anyone in amway.there is money to be made but you must see past your own nose.turn off the tv and open your mind. god bless and have a good life.

First off I want to say true you got your opinoin to amway but 1: I want to ask, I notice you have dug really deep into finding the dirt on amway, and have done everything in your power to destroy it's image. I'am going to say there is no such thing as the perfect company so to speak, lets face it everybody, and everything has it's dirt, and nothing in this world is perfect. as a matter of fact you yourself I hate to tell you, is that you yourself is not a perfect person, since you dug so deep into finding out the dirt and the skeletons amway contains I want to ask the dirt and skeletons that you contain. I want to dig deep in your past and find out all the dirty little secrets on you then I'am going to make a web-page, talk about all the things you did, and you won't be able to sue me, why because thats freedom of, you can't sue me for that. So I ask you in all seriouness to tell me all your secrets and all the dirty little things you did, and I will make a web-page of it. The reason I'am so hard on you, is because i read this book called "Stealing the American Dream" and it talks about people who try to destroy their hopes and dreams in becoming financially free, by berating the means by which a person tries to obtain that. I will tell you right now I will not respect your guidelines because you aren't respecting my right to become financially free, you are the same people who are trying to destroy that dream, I'am a active distributor and I will be the first to admit you could have your facts stright 100% on some things and their might be some things seriously wrong with the business, but their is no such thing as good business or bad business, theirs just business. Don't get me wrong their are 100% bad ways by whcih people try to be financially free ( Being in the Mafia, selling Drugs,E.T.C) but the Mafia, Drug Cartels, and these illegal practices of business are just that illegal. The Amway corporation has not been found to be an illegal form of Business by The United States Goverment, thus amway is a 100% legit business amway operates quite legally in all 50 states and almost 80 Countries and territories. If you ask me that sounds pretty legal to me. I know what you are probably thinking your like: Uh this dude is a grade A Jim Jones/David Koresh fowoller wannabe, oh yeah amway is a cult (I say that in utmost sarcasm) you get a 100% refund on the money it took you to join if you decide to quit (I also forgot to mention we sacrafice goat in amway on a weekly basis it's one of the distributor rites of I'am going to end this so as to give you more time to dig up more dirt on amway seeing as you seem to not have a life for anything else. You can come up with all the dirt on amway you want to that we work with the mafia, sacrafice goats E.T.C., all I'am saying is everything is dirty and I don't understand why you have made your holy crusade to destroy amway,weather you work for a rival company,weather you got a grudge, or just get your kicks off of destroying things, but amway has been found to be a legitimate enterprise by the Federal Trade Comission, if not it would be illegal, thus amway would not be a international business with sales of almost $7 Billion dollars, So finally the main reason I guess I'am so frank is because I'am trying save my family from the brink of bankruptacy I'am in the business and so far I'am close to the direct distributorship level, we are on our way to paying our debts off and other exspenses, so if your such a holy good honest man I ask that you pay me $100,000.00 to pay off the rest of our debts and make my family happy and hey I'll forget everything I said. Hell pay me even $, but I like to say all the crap your AUS files are dishing out is making it a lot harder for all the 2 million distributors in amway.USA to make their money through this. People who are trying to better their lives, who are trying to become free of the the have have not system of the Employee, Employer system, and yes thats what truly makes me sick of your AUS files, if you ask me you can take the AUS files print them up, and I can use them for toilet paper cause thats about all their good for. Thank you for your time and have a nice day =)

I was introduced to Amway through a friend of a friend. I was attracted to the prospect of becoming exceedingly wealthy in 2 to 5 years. In addition, I was extremely broke and was in desperate need of some cash.

I was very skeptical but after considerable pressure from the guy who showed me the plan, I paid £85 to sign up. I have since heard that the registration fee has been considerably reduced. I wonder why?

Anyway, I was never really plugged into the system. Every week I was buying tapes and books (£5 weekly) plus attending fortnightly local seminars (£3) plus monthly conferences (£9), yet in the back of my mind I could never quite understand why I had to fork out much needed cash when I hadn't sold a thing.

Some months later, I was told about "Dream Weekend". I was told that my business would rocket after attending this seminar. I borrowed £75 to pay for this, plus an extra £35 for accommodation, plus food and clothing.

I didn't have a penny in my purse to buy myself a drink. My toothbrush fell down the hotel toilet. I had to use some of my petrol money to replace it.

I came back from the seminar feeling on cloud nine. About two hours later, as if some kind of hypnosis was wearing off, I realised that I was still broke and in debt. I was terrified of speaking to anyone about the products because as good as they were, I found they were a bit pricey.

Eventually I dropped out of Amway and told my sponsor that it wasn't for me. I believed in network marketing as a concept. I believed that it worked, but I just did not feel comfortable with Amway.

For four years I would not touch network marketing with a barge pole for fear of having a similar horrific experience. However, in August of this year, my uncle introduced me to a company with an excellent MLM programme. I checked out the company and the products - both are absolutely amazing. I am not pressured to buy books and tapes, and the weekend seminars are purely optional. Registration was just £20 and I have actually started making money!! I want to let people know that Amway might have been a bad experience, but they should never give up on network marketing. We just need to find the right company, the right product, the right support system at the right time. Most importantly, we need to be surrounded by the right people.

Hi Sydney:

The secret I refer to above is my knowledge of the truth about the big A, thanks to your website and its links. Believe it or not, I'm actually going to one of my upline's meetings tonight, after avoiding them for a few months under the explanation that I'm simply "taking a hiatus." I really was, for awhile (after spending six months eating, sleeping and breathing the business - and not sponsoring a soul, and losing hundreds of dollars I didn't have on the tools.)

I really did still believe in it for awhile; I just needed to catch my breath and recuperate from the frustration. I also needed to focus my time on finding a better "J.O.B." - because even though I am a very high achiever in journalism, my first job out of college only covers about 60 percent of my bills. That's what drew me into Amway - but after several months, I realized that I needed to pay my bills - and after six months (when they tell you you'll be direct with the amount of effort I put in) I saw that I was much worse off than I was before. I had every intention of going back, knowing the "it's not a get-rich-quick scheme" argument. I just needed to find a better Plan A so I could support both my regular bills and Plan B.

Meanwhile, I couldn't deny the suspicious gut feeling I had had for awhile, but of course always denied because it's "stinking thinking." Every specific question I had upline ALWAYS had an answer to - it's amazing how they can "prove" you're saving money, even when I couldn't ignore that buying wholesale was costing me an average of 40 percent more than the competing retail. The business was always right, even when it defied common sense and math.

I discovered your website when I was job-hunting on the Baton Rouge advocate's website, and saw their investigative series about Amway. That pointed me to your site. I was hooked for a few months, stunned by the facts that confirmed my gut-level discomfort, especially about the system and the profits. It took me a very long time to digest, and I'm still working on it.

Here's the problem: I haven't confronted my upline about it yet. I've kept totally silent to everyone - it's so humiliating. I think sometimes there's still that Ambot buried deep-down, wondering "what if it's all lies?" Then, of course, I could never tell my friends and family such sacrilege; only propaganda, and sometimes blatant lies! I know exactly what my upline will say, too: the usual. You (and me, too) are broke, negative, dream-stealing losers, and I was foolish to let a naysayer subject me to negative information. How do I ever expect to go anywhere in life? Anyone who could possibly criticize or fail at this business has something fundamentally wrong with them.

Here's the most difficult problem: my immediate sponsor is my aunt (though she's not at all one of the pushy ones). She's been in it for nearly three years and is hardly making anything, though she's sponsored a few. I'm convinced she doesn't know the truth; she's as much in the dark as I was. She's a rational person (an engineer) and I'd like to think she'd be so if I told her. But she's got the Ambotism of "no, I'm not seeing any success now, but I absolutely will if I stay. I suspect she has doubts about that alone, very deep down, all scams aside. But since I'm her downline, she will NEVER be honest with me about the A issue; all I get is propaganda. And if I tried to tell her the truth, even give her Probandt's website, I think she'll probably employ the usual upline tactics for defectors. She's family, for crying out loud - and I hate for this wall to be between us. I'm also terrified of rocking the boat and my secret being spilled into the whole upline. I think I'm staying in the "closet" now because it is safe. I don't want to hurt my aunt or be responsible for "stealing her dreams."

Last, I must admit, there is one other innocuous reason why I'm choosing to renew my distributorship this year. I have to say that I do love many of the products and enjoy their home delivery, although I refuse to buy anything that is ridiculously overpriced. That rules out a lot, unfortunately.

There's another reason, actually. My upline and crossline have been like family for several months, and I know that once the secret's out I'll be disowned. I'm not so nieve that I didn't realize some degree of an ulterior ulterior motive from the beginning( it comes with MLM territory), but I was in to stay so that didn't matter. But once my hiatus started, they practically dropped out of my life except to tell me when functions were, of course. I now know that, even though there may well have been some genuine feeling that developed between us, they would have no use for me without a profit potential. I'd be a bad influence on them. To tell them what I know, too (instead of just quitting), would essentially be blasphemous to their God. (Deny it as they might, it's the truth.) That would be the end of it.

Thanks for letting me vent, and explain my unusual closet situation. I know what I need to do eventually (unless I stay in year after year just to buy some products.) I'm just so scared to take that step, especially with my family involved. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm dreading this.

Thanks again. Off I go to see some "circles" - the first time since I learned the truth. This is going to look, and feel, very interesting.

P.S. Thanks for all your work - you are helping a lot of people.

So, I guess I'm trying to stay in the "comfort zone," (haha)

It is very suprizing that no one that you posted actually knows what a cult is. I have an undergrade in Bible and Christian Ministries and half a Master degree complete in Missions. And no one that has posted on your page as listed anything that is all similar to a cult. A cult is a group of people that are organized and draw you away from Christianity. Most Cultural Anthropologist would say that it is any group of people that are organized and draw you way from the culturally accepted religious group in that area or culture. None of the post in the "Amway Is a Cult" section reference any such thing, so it seems like a bunch of mud slinging when people don't know what they are talking about.

It is sad to see that people have wrote in that won't support their friends and family in what every they are doing. If they believe and MLM business has broken up they lives then maybe they are the problem and not the MLM. People that are stable don't let what someone is doing to make a living get in the way of friendship or family. The people that wrote in seem like they have a self-esteem problem to me.

But hey, that's life. Their are a lot of people out there that have been beat down by the negative in the world. I hope they will take responsibilty for thier lifes and stop blaming everybody else for their own problems!

I honestly know you will not post this. It is obvious that you are very negative and will look at the whole picture. It is obvious that you feel you were wronged some why. (Let me guess your income! Under $50K!! Under $40! thought so!) TEOTWAWKI (Y2K)

HI, I went through your web site. I have seen that you have put in lot of hard work behind this but don't you feel you need to do something worth it with your life.Amway is the best thing that has happened to me and my husband and I am very proud to say that I am an amway distributor.Though I am not making a lot of money right now the people in this business are positive, the atmosphere is always positive and I think you should start doing something worthwhile with the life God has giving you instead of trying to steal someones dream.

From what you write I can say one thing that if you quit Amway you surely are a loser in many other things you have started in life. I can say one thing for people who are checking this out "THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE BETTER THAN AMWAY".Go for it "AMWAY IS THE BEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD". Love GO DIAMOND.

We were recently introduced to the Britt Worldwide - 'Amway' business plan and were considering signing on as distributors. Luckily, we have access to the internet!! Unfortunately, the Amway distributors etc. are very well versed and know how to excite even the most unexcitable. We were almost sold on the idea until we found your web site. Although we did have some doubts, every time we went to a meeting they were quickly dispersed through the images of wealth, time and low effort. Also, our questions were never directly answered. We even brought a list of them with us to one such meeting, and only the favorable questions were answered -- and even then the questions were side stepped into a monologue on the wonders of Amway. Anyways, we don't want to go into great depth about our experiences with Amway, we just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR SAVING US TIME AND MONEY!!

...Oh, and one more thing...for all the other respondants... I feel that anyone who can criticize this web-site so freely, may need to re-evaluate their investigative thinking. Ask a member of your up-line to review this web-site with you before you sign anything. If he/she can successfully refute the information herein - Good Luck to You.


I read the hart v amway ect.... and failed to understand it's importance.. business is business if that is the way distribution of support materials is set up then they are entitled to thier business. I think its funny I read things on the net about amway and the marketing plan all the time and it seems to me that all of the negative comes from the jelousy of people like you of the success of other people. PS I look forward to your response ( if u can)

Thousands of hours wasted. Get yourself a life.

Just stumbled across your site. I was in the business for about a year or so, about 5 or 6 years ago. Mine is the typical story. An old friend looked me up, he was all agog about a fantastic business opportunity.... I ended up in the Yager line of sponsorship. I nearly got sucked in. What saved me was my shock and dismay when I went to a big function. I think I went to a family reunion. Anyway, the hallelulia come to Jesus stuff really bothered me, (a lot!). When those jokers would ask me about religion I'd tell them I was an "original Christian." None of them knew that meant I was raised a Catholic.

Besides the religious aspect of this revival-style meeting, the political overtones were definitely Republican and very right-wing. I am neither of these. Needless to say I was very uncomfortable at this event. I decided right then that this was not the group for me. I stuck it out for a couple more months, even going to the big annual hoo-rah (Free Enterprise? something like that) This was just like family reunion, but squared. I got out and I stayed out. This may be for some folks; but not for this northeastern, independent, Catholic man.

Keep the faith Sid. People out here in the real world need your site. Who knows, with internet access, maybe more people will hear the truth and act on it before they get hurt. Shalom! P.S. please keep my e-mail handle confidential.

I've done quite a bit of research over the last year and I'm convinced of one thing - I hope they keep scamming me. Because of the Yeager system, we went Direct in 5 months, and are looking at going Emerald by September '99. We've been in since April of this year. Before the system, it was taking distributors 20 to 25 years to go Diamond. Now people like Casey Combden are doing it in 5-8 years. As for the lawsuits....well, no one ever likes to take responsibility for their own shortcomings and failures. It's much easier to blame it on someone or something else. You've heard it before - "Gee, I don't have work. I wish the gov't would create some jobs...", "My business failed because the economy is in a downward trend...", "I failed at Amway because of the tools scam..." Well, I was out of work, so I created my own job (started a business). When the economy took a nosedive, I dug in my heels and cut costs and rode it out. Now, I'm in Amway and on the couldn't be any better.

I totally agree with most of the information on your site.

I started my Amway experience in 1994. I was shown the plan by a chiropractor friend I met at the gym. At that time I owned a printing and graphics business and operated and managed a screen printing and sign shop. Yes, I was looking for a business opportunity to diversify in.

I had never heard of Amway, only being 25 at the time, I was never exposed to the concept. I saw "the plan" and said I can do that; that is easy.

I was told immediately that I should change the way I think because society does not think correctly and most people do not know how to succeed. I was placed on "STANDING ORDER" which of course commits you to 6 tapes a month, at $6. a tape, and then you are expected to buy another 10 core tapes and around 6-10 books, the books run around $6-$14.

Now, I am a fan of continued education, but let me tell you my experience over 3 years...

We ( my wife and I ) purchased between $400.-$500. a month of "personal use" core products. We were "hard core" for 3 years. Being hard core in our group meant that you consume all the products you can through your own business and pay the retail amount, because you can take the difference between wholesale and retail and invest that extra "seed" money back into your business. (If you do a cost analysis on the products, you will find that you will spend an extra $100-$200. above an average grocery store price for these products.)

We immediately started showing plans 4 - 5 nights a week and after the fist 6 months I had sponsored 8 + people in width, and 2-4 people in depth. only 3-4 were active after 60 days. (I believe this is why; In the training and motivational tapes you purchase, the speakers tell you that your sponsor and upline will help you work your business, which means they will help you work your new distributors and show them how to sponsor and prospect others. This never happened. My sponsor, a chiropractor only did 2 meetings for me in 3 years. His sponsor was an owner of a health club, and he only did 2 meetings for me in 3 years. The health club owner's sponsor is now semi retired at RUBY level and throughout numerous seminars and meetings he not only promised me but also promised dozens of my down line distributors support and help. It never happened. He has only showed 2 plans for me in 3 years.)

This might sound like whinning but when someone promises you their help or support and you don't get it it sounds like a lack of credibility to me. Never the less, I stayed loyal and focused for the next 2 years but nothing changed even after I helped one couple hit 1500 pv and another couple 1000 pv!

For 3 years I took time away from wife and my family, every week and showed 4-5 plans a week. I've sponsored dozens of people that committed to do the business on different levels, but none of them were ever called by my upline, no relationships were formed, no help was given to any of my distributors. The funny thing is all of these people were told, when they went to the meetings to get on "standing order" and buy as many books and tapes as you can, and your leaders upline will help you, as long as you are "core" ( buying tapes, books and amway products, and recruiting others).

The incredible thing about this situation is the fact that I did the work, and at one time had over 40 + active people in my business, and they were not even helped! Now it gets weird....

When my business was growing; because I was doing what I was told, which was sponsor and drive depth under the people I sponsored, I received little or no support. As soon as my distributors started to drop the books and tapes, my RUBY upline was calling them weekly asking them why the were going off the tapes! Some of these couples had not seen or heard from this person in years!

I had contacted my Executive Diamond about this situation and of course he had no clue what was happening in his RUBY leg.

You see I have a friend that was in the tape duplication business and he told me you can duplicate a tape for 80-90 cents. Now you as a distributor do not make any profit on the tapes, books, or meetings until you are a direct or above.

Here is a tip:

Before getting into the Amway business estimate the monthly expenses and project it out 4-5 years. if within 2-4 years you are not profitable, stop and reassess why. I am inactive in this business now and have lost all respect for the leaders of these groups because they never tell you the real deal.... They make money off the tapes, books and seminars. Getting you to buy the tapes and books and participate in the seminars is their main focus, not selling products.

I have actually estimated that I spent over $20,000. in 3 years on books, tapes, meatings, air fare, hotels, milage, gas, etc...

I recieved in return only $7425. in performance bonus checks.

A loss of over $13,000. in 3 years.

With a $4000. INVESTMENT with my own printing business I had a profit turned in 3 months, and stayed profitable for over 5 + years.

 You should do some research before you tell half truths about Amway.  There is way to little time to try to discuss much of what you say but for one thing, Bill Britt is not Amway.  I don't have anything to do with Bill Britt.  Our orginazation does not do any of the things you say "Amway " does.  You are either a Lier, Stupid, a Nazi or an Inflamist.
 Good Day

[I love the "good day" part.]

 You know, its really a shame, I was in for a year, I followed the system, spent too much money on motivational materiel that would not be necessary if Amway had better products and prices. I went in with my eyes wide open, I heard what everyone was saying, but I so badly needed something more out of life. I got suckered into the tapes, books, and meetings everyweek. I totally understand why people call it a cult, They lift you so high with praise and hope, while filling your mind of what Amway failure would feel like. You're almost brainwashed to keep trying, that would be OK if you did not need to invest in that system. The tapes books and stories were not a total waste, I took what I learned and started my own business, that I have been running successfully for over 3 years. Like I was saying earlier , if you could get a better deal on the all the products that Amway distributors have access to, I would give them my loyal business, and I would not need the rah rah tapes to get anyone else excited about it. The business is really a good Idea, too bad Dexter and his cronies exploited it for their own personal profit.P.S. To any one new: these people will not like, love,or respect you if you leave, they think you are a loser and keep their distance, so you "won't steal their dreams" It can work if you can lie to someone, then teach them to lie, and so on and so on.

Hi,  I am an Amway Distributor who is on her way out.  I was a Direct Distributor for four (4) years, and involved for seven.  The devastation to my personal life was unbelievable.  My husband originally found it intriguing and I liked the products.  After seven years of hard work, and trying to clone myself into an "suitable" Amway Wife, my husband left me and moved abruptly out of state.  We have since divorced.  I believe he had a nervous breakdown from the pressure in the business, the upline's cult like behavior towards us, and the constant rejection from people we would show the business to.  We sponsored some very nice people along the way, but the intelligent one's never remained in, even though they always liked us personally.  They detested the World Wide Dreambuilder ideology.  Our neighbor's though grew to hate us and our weekly evening rally--I mean, houseplans, at our home.  The excitement and loudness along with the weekly product pickup traffic/circulation impacts probably did them in too!

To the Upline, my husband was what was known as a "haas" or as a trusty "lieutenant" in WWDB.  He was available for anything to help the Upline.  He left me and the children alone so often to go meet with them, or to go and strategize with the downline and upline.  I went to everything just to spend time with him--sometimes under threat of pending Divorce if " I did not get with the program...".  I made myself get on the team to the best of my ability, so that I could keep him happy.  He ultimately broke down when he realized that we just weren't going to go Ruby after three of our time goals never were met.  He would not listen to my words of encouragement.  He felt like a complete failure.  They had convinced him that his good job (which really was good) was sour and keeping him from reaching his potential:  Give them 8 to 5 p.m., but from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. is when real success is built!   He left the business in my hands, but I fell apart when he left me.  I loved him so much.  He stopped knowing right from wrong, good from evil.  I tried to keep things together, but it did not work.  My Upline basically commandeered my entire group from me.  The so-called "real men" in the Upline treated me like I was a scarlet letter woman because my "perfect" Amway man left me.  They missed him and tried to get him to come back and build the business.  They did not care about our marriage.  They finally told me to Divorce him and since he wouldn't work the business anymore, that I should do it and start going to functions again.  All I wanted was my husband to come back and we could start over together, and just use the Amway thing as a learning experience.  The minuscule amount of personal problems were not even looked at by anyone.  I begged for help in getting counseling for us together...they just wanted to make sure that there were no losses downline.  When I did not "get with the program" and I was emotionally so hurt that I tried so hard, and my life was basically over with my husband, they started considering me a threat to the WWDB system, and a smoking gun.  I had been involved in direct conversations with Emeralds and Diamonds...We had been in the inner sanctum.  I know about the tapes and the books, and the functions, and the motivational profits.  They used to entice my husband with what would be coming our way if we kept close with them.  I questioned it from the beginning and maintained that wrong is wrong--just because people aren't found out or tested in court doesn't make them right.  I complained to my husband, and Upline previously and they always had answers that would either shut me up, intimidate me, or sometimes make sense.  The Upline ostracized me immediately when they realized that my husband was gone, and that I did not want to teach or be such a proponent of the mind control and motivational profits.  These people are very tight with money and they make so much off of the people in their groups...if you count the motivational sales, the PV/BV from Amway, the personal servitude most loyal distributors provide, some even doing housecleaning and errands for the Upline, and the purchase of items that Upline sell occasionally....this is an underground money making machine.

The Upline took my entire product inventory and promised to return the money as it sold to me; they made me pay for personal expenses that they said they were incurring in operating my business; they would not let my downline talk to me--they treated them very poorly if they tried to talk with me; they acted like I had gone crazy, and that my husband was always out of control and they should stop knowing either of us--we were now considered dangerous to the harmony in the group that we built; they reduced my bonus check to basically $100 - $200 a month and then stopped paying me.  I wrote Amway to file complaint, but Amway was more on side of Upline than mine...they said I sounded like I wasn't Edifying the Upline...but if I continued to document they would review the material I sent.  They stonewalled me so I finally gave up.  The business is filled with lies and meetings they say, you will always have this income if you build it, it is residual in nature.  It is better than money in the bank, you have weaved yourself into the lives of people and helping others first!  They did, help themselves to what work my husband and I had done.  And I could go on and on about "no shows" empty house plans, driving the miles, long distance sponsoring, etc. etc.  We made some decent money at the Direct level, but with functions, tools, and expenses that Directs have to pay for under "verbal agreements" we were not making very much at all.  The Directs usually didn't get the access we had to the Upline, but on the surface we seemed just their type.  They never would listen to us, either of us.  My husband just thought that these guys were sincerely wanting to help him.  He was lost quite early in the business to their Propaganda.  I have had to seek serious psychological counseling because I realized that I was in a cult and that no one, not even my family truly knew the extent.  My family tried to support us by buying products and being positive.  When I lost my husband I thought I would die--I hadn't done anything wrong.  He started acting like a nut at the end....going into rages, and wanting to blame me.  I always told him that being a Direct was really an achievement and we should be proud. We held it together for along time and did genuinely care about our group...we did not have to be insincere money grubbers and scammers like the Upline...we could make it work our way.  Inside he knew what really was happening, he lost control of himself.  He has written me lately and told me he still hates the Upline--they hurt him and his psyche so much but he is going to forget about it too.  He signed the business over to me right away and was sad that it didn't work out financially for me.  I had quit my career from pressure by the Upline and him, and I had to go back to work even though I had become a nervous wreck.

On top of everything else, my Upline just used more manipulation of me to sign the whole business over to him...for no money.  He started withholding my measly bonus check and being a bigger jerk than I finally just said "uncle" and am walking away.  The aggravation and pain they cause you is not worth any price.  I am sad that this happened to me.  I thank God though that I am alive and can start over.  There were some positive things I learned and in some ways invaluable lessons in life.

I was reading your website and thought you might be interested in my story.  Plus I just checked the web page for ABN and it turns out that the lawsuits that were filed in Houston have been forced to go through arbitration not jury trial....this is similar to HMO's that require you to arbitrate instead of sue when you sign up.  This is good in some ways because it keeps costs down...but does anyone really understand this when they sign up for health insurance from work?  Or do they understand this when they sign up for an Amway distributorship?  No.

I know this is long message, and I could go on and on.  But I really just wanted to let you know that I exist and this is a real account of what has happened to me.  And the attached article is right off of the ABN page....congratulating themselves for hiding the truth about their sick motivational groups once again.   I will also note that Distributor Relations told me that the motivational groups are "separate" from Amway Corp.  I informed them that that would never hold up in court scrutiny because they are really one in the same.   The motivation is only geared toward building the Business.  They even say they do not sell tapes that are from outside sources...only Qualified Emeralds or Diamonds may cut a tape for sale.  THe teaching is supposed to be superior because it is first hand knowledge of Amway Business building and not other types of business.  Also WWDB would not exist without Amway and it is very clear to me that the groups are so powerful in the mind control and recruitment that Amway could not exist how they are today at current and projected profits if Motivational groups like WWDB did not exist.  The ADA Board is made up of big pins in these groups...not regular distributors...who are they kidding?  Only themselves and probably not even that...this is like the Party Line: " We are separate and therefore not responsible...."  Its too bad because the Amway concept could work well and alot of the products are good quality.  They just ruin a good thing because they are unwilling to compete on the market place grocery store shelf...they want their niche and they want to keep it because of money.

Thanks again

By the way I am not officially out yet.  I am attempting to recoup some of my losses.  By the first of the year it should be over with.

My Upline Diamond is the Infamous * from *.  He was a local boy done good who worked at his daddy's mobile home dealer ship...after a bout with the music industry, he settled into selling mobile homes, until in the 70's he found hope in some soap and gave up his ugly ways to sell, Amway, the "American Dream," and Salvation to thousands.  He is a hero to many but a loser to me.

My upline Emerald is a gentleman named * --whose claim to fame he says is that he filed a huge bankruptcy in California in the 80's.  He found a "new attitude" and a fresh start in Amway, as he "sailed out of this country with his wifey to avoid all his problems, but listened to a * tape, and turned that boat around so he could get involved in Amway--he knew it would change his life and make him rich."  Have you ever watched a DIAMOND CHIPS tape I threw mine out, but they are the best entertainment value going...better than Springer.

Jimmy Head says, "Give America a fishing pole, a fishing pole! a fishing pole!!!!   Not a fish... A fishing Pole.....or Jack Daughery..."When Jack goes down, Jack gets up, and he keeps getting up, and he gets up one more time.......because J.  A.   C.  K   is NOT GOING DOWN......!!!!"  Good Stuff when you are in the whirlwind....horribly sick when you are not.

Bye for now....DD's on the S....T List

Mr. Schwartz,

I have a friend who is a direct involved with a diamond in the World Wide Dream Builders organization. He told me last week that the talk from the big dogs in "the biz" is that Amway is going to dissolve next year and reopen as a "internet mall". The idea was to be a network server to hundreds of companies and sell the Amway product line in one of the internet mall stores. The were going to do this under a new name and supposably get away from the "Amway stigma", and some lawsuits I would guess.

Any comments would be appreciated.


    As an ever skeptical critic, I decided to to look up Amway on the net after my initial meeting with an (I guess) upliner.  Anyway, it all sounded too good to be true in the first place.  But I found exactly what I was looking for on your site.  I figured I was sitting at my own live info-mercial.  The craziest thing is the "Zip your pants up on the side" line that you have in your parody with the President.  The upliner actually said that to me too.  And drew all the little circles as well.  Well, I know you have a ton of e-mails to read, so thanks again for saving me $150.

 I have been exposed to the Amway oppurtunity for the past few years and it seems that your site tends to stereotype a distributor. I cannot imagine working as a cult, I would do the business how I choose and not how my upline tells me to. I may seek their advice and judge for myself what is good and what is not, however, I am intelligent enough to make my own decisions. This business opportunity is just that, an opportunity. I have never used any of these "techniques" to get people in. If they want to get in, the great. If they don't, so what? I get straight to the point anytime I present this business. I just dont quite understand the stereotype. However, it is a cheap startup cost, so anyone can get in and this may have something to do with that but I really dont know what causes that.

I spent 2 days talking to over 30 "professionals" during a recent interview in Grand Rapids, MI 15 out of 30 asked me if my wife works, what she does, how many kids we have - DO WE GO TO A CATHOLIC CHURCH!!! Do we support family values??!!!! Finally I asked what all those inappropriate questions have to do with my competency.

This company thinks they are beyond American Law. Slimeway rots - I use Crest!!

I have been following your website adventures for the past 3 year. I was discouraged when you shut your site down. It seemed like the Big Lying Machine had crushed you and won.

But it seems like a Rocky script. Down on the rope, you decide to come back and beat the crud out of the Big Evil Empire!.

I encourage you to stand up for what you know is right and what you believe in. It seems you have been more than fair and tried to have an objective web site.

Keep the fight going! You're not a dream stealer, your a nightmare to those guys.



I Think That Amway Is Not A Cult. I think You are an asshole for tyhinking that so fuck you

For someone who seems to have an abundent of negative feelings toward the networking business I was wondering if you've personally had any experiences with Amway or any other Multi-level marketing program.

Have you ever been a distributor?

I'm not trying to defend the Amway Corp. or any other business. Just trying to figure out if you're one of the people who have tried the business and failed or you're just jealous of all the people who have become successful in their own business. Honestly if your dream in life was to run a web site with nothing but negatives about a group of companys that bring happiness to the people that believe in what they are doing then congratulations on making your dream come true. If not maybe you should take a look at the millions of people that are making their dreams come true with the help of the networking business.

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